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Dear Esteemed Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I respectfully would like to request your kind favour to arrange for the civil war victims in Chin State while more people are facing with hard situation with COVID-19 in the world.

I got an anxiety information from our Evangelist Shwe Ta when I called to the inquire about Civil war in Chin State . He is reaching at Refugee camp in Sa-Me town of PaletWa township in Southern Chin State.

Unhopefully they have faced with any anxieties and dangerous the civil war and conflicts between Arakan Army and Myanmar Army had begun on 6 February 2020. more people were injured and die in the village while he was evangelizing the people in MeSa No.2 village of Paletwa township ,Southern Chin State.

The battle was serious more and more and then the villages were bombed out on 14 the month of February 2020. All the people in the villages those who fled from their villages to the Refugee camp in Sa-Me town of PaLetWa township in Southern Chin State.

There were 4 people die and 7 people injured in MeSa No.2 village, 8 people die and 5 people injured in the MeSa No.3 village, 9 people die and 13 people injured in Wet Ma village. There are 13 villagers reaching at the Refugee Camp in SaMe town of PaLetWah township Southern Chin State. There 13 villages are Leih Kaung village,Wet Ma village,SaPoh Taung village,Byaing Hein village, KuWah village,Sein Sein village. There are 5000 refugees in the Paletwah town of Southern chin State.

He can't leave the infants believers & relativesa although they have faced with any anxieties and dangerous conflicts Arakan Army and Myanmar Army. There are 2,000 refugees in the refugee camp of SaMe town of Paletwa township in Southern Chin State.

Our Church Planter Salai Khin Maung is reaching in his hometown in An Town in Rakhaing state without staying in his Church planting field in WaKhe Ma Irrawaddy delta region. He can't leave the infant believers and relatives although they have faced with any anxieties and dangerous conflicts between AraKan Army and Myanmar Army .

They are urgently lacking your prayers and your relief aids for infant believers and our church planters/ missionaries. We hope God will do wonderful great things through you for infant believers and church planters/missionaries. Evangelist Shwe Ta can't send update pictures because there is no internet line.

We need to help them and encourage them in timely. I send update photos with attachments. Our Evangelist Shwe Ta and Church planter Salai Khin Maung Htun those who have prayed as follows;

Oh Dear God, please give us the strengths and wisdoms to help all these refugees who have fled from their villages due to this terrible conflicts in Southern Chin State of Western Myanmar (Burma). Please help us to find the way both for short term humanitarians and long terms solution for Peace. We have heard that almost ten thousand people have fled into these IDPs camps in Paletwa Township of Southern Chin State. Prayers Please. It's painfully sad. These our people have already suffered so much for far too long.

They need emergency assistance for food, and shelter and basic daily needs. Food for a Family of 4 for 7 Months of US$700 each Family Kit (cooking utensils, clothing, toiletries, etc.) for Family of 4 of US$86 each.

Please help.
$ 10, $ 20, $ 50,$ 100
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours in His vineyard
Rev.Cin Sian Pau
Yangon,Myanmar,Southeast Asia Mobile Phone/WhatApp No. 09453345620

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