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Church Planting

Many church planters are so eager to plant their church that they overlook this important step of writing a goal. Here are six reasons why setting a goal for our project is important.

1. Goals help increase our faith

A goal is a declaration of fruit that is to come. It looks forward to a future that is bigger and better than our present situation. As of now, it's still unseen.

• Faith is … what we do not see. (Heb. 11:l)

A goal is a statement of what we will see … by faith! To set a goal takes faith. We need to trust God for the goal to be achieved. To declare our goal publicly takes even more faith. Exercising our faith in this way is good for us. And it also pleases God.

• Without faith it is impossible to please God. (Heb. 11:6)!

• Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Heb. 11:1)

By faith we work and trust God to do it. This is faith that pleases God.

Set a goal to plant a church. Exercise your faith. If you don't set any goals, you'll miss this opportunity.

2. Goals help minimize wasted outreaches

Having a clear goal could make a big difference! The goal of the Great Commission is clearly to "make disciples" (Mt. 28:19). Disciples are learners or followers of Christ. It's impossible to make disciples outside of a local church. All outreaches should have a goal to bring the converts into a church. This could be either an existing church, or a new church could be planted for the new converts. We can make converts without bringing people into a church. But we can't make disciples. Any outreach that makes only converts, and doesn't bring these converts into a church, comes short of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Why do so many of our outreaches make only converts and not disciples? A big part of the problem is that many outreaches begin with no goal! In many outreaches it's unrealistic to expect the new believers to come to the mother church. This could be because it's very far away. Yet in many, there's also no goal to plant a new church. Outreaches like this are doomed right at the start. No outreach should ever be opened without a goal!

Fortunately, we can easily fix this. Have a goal for every outreach! You could have a goal to bring the converts into an existing church, if that's realistic. If not, there must be a goal to plant a church for the new converts. This produces fruit that will last! This could minimize years of wasted outreach efforts!

3. Goals help give us clear direction

When working with a team, we can gain clear direction by agreeing together on goals. Proverbs 20:5 says "The purposes of a man's heart are deep waters…" Most people have deep desires that are like deep waters. They're not very clear.

The same verse goes on to say, "…but a man of understanding draws them out." A good leader can help a group come to an agreement on their goals. He enables his team members to express their deep desires, and helps them reach an agreement on the group's goals, providing clear direction. Clear direction gives greater efficiency, more fruit and greater unity.

We can then focus on the action steps to take to accomplish the goal. This will help prioritize the use of resources (money, materials, time). A clear goal gives clear direction to a church planting team.

4. Goals build anticipation and motivation

It's a lot of hard work to plant a church..

Jesus had a goal. Read Hebrews 12:2 and look for His goal there:

• Let us fix our eyes on Jesus … who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame.

Do you see it? His goal was "the joy set before Him." His "joy" was to save us and to have an eternal relationship with us. This was His "joy set before Him."

Because He was motivated to achieve this goal, He endured much. He "endured the cross, scorning its shame."

5. Achieved goals bring great joy

• A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul. (Prov. 13:19)

When the church is established and the goal is achieved,.

6. You will be much more likely to plant a church if you have a goal to do so

It's that simple. Of course, having a goal to plant a church doesn't mean that it will automatically happen. But it's unlikely that an outreach that's opened, without a goal to become a church, will somehow become a church. Do you want to plant a church? Set a goal to do it!

We are evangelizing to the unreached people and planting new Churches as Saint Paul said that “And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation.”

Therefore we are running new churches with rental house church in the new church planting area. We are planting not only 30 new churches in Yangon Region but also planning to plant new churches the outreach in Rakhain State. So many people are interesting to hear the Gospel messages.

Please pray for this house church to rent again for six month. We are urgently lacking rental cost 100 $ per month and the 100$ for church planter salary . We already found the freehold land. If God’s will, we want to purchase the freehold land (20’x60’) which will be US$ 2000 and (100 ’x 60’) which will be US$ 10,000 for mission compound in Hlaing Tarya township, Yangon. Please remember to be purchased this freehold land so that we may be able to do Children Ministry and evangelism in there. You can participate to glorify His name and expand His kingdom by praying, giving.
Yours in His vineyard

Rev.Cin Sian Pau
Church Planting
Myanmar Urban Rural Christian Mission

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