Myanmar is a Buddish Country

Outline of project evaluations and accountability;


From the beginning of MURCM, decided to make it an ecumenical ministry. Members are not confined to one particular creed or denomination. We welcome members from various denomination and colors. Our volunteers and workers also include different denominations and tribes that is the secret of our improvement. We extend our charitable concern to all without regard to creeds, color or race. Our attention goes to the most needy people who are hungry in mind and body. But, “the will is strong, the flesh is weak”. Communication of the Gospel to young people of other faiths in this particular area has been the task of the mission.


The MURCM puts its concern based on Gen. 3 in doing its ministry in partnership with those who may have the like mind all over the world. It is also Biblical.

Christian partnership is voluntary. It is being willing to place one’s own motives, actions and an outcome under someone else’s in an environment of good faith and mutual trust.

While commitments made in this context are just as binding as any other, in Christian partnerships there is the added element of a good attitude towards accountability itself. (II Cor 8:20.)

Accountability Structure:

An accountability structure is any group of people who are together responsible to make decisions and govern the practice of ministry activities and workers. Therefore we have built our organization with Board of elders in local church and then Board of directors of MURCM. MURCM strives to be financially accountable and transparent ineverything that is being carried out.

MURCM holds member organizations to seven standards of accountability

  1. A clear doctrinal statement that reflects biblical truths and practices
  2. A responsible and independent board of directors
  3. Complete and accurate financial statements
  4. Management and financial controls that ensure proper use of resources
  5. Open disclosure of financial information
  6. Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  7. Integrity in fundraising

Financial Accountability

There are many Christian organizations in Myanmar that have different ways of accounting. MURCM is very careful to budget how the fund has been used and will be used. The Board agreed that there must be financial accountability among them. Every donor must have confidence that fund donated to MURCM is used for the purpose stated. MURCM is well organized and funds donated are banked as soon as we receive.

Opportunity at MURCM

Volunteers need volunteers need urgently to teach free of charge the English speaking, writing, listening. We are always interested to hear from people within the Myanmar who are interested in volunteering, or just generally helping us to spread the word about the work we do. Read more

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