Myanmar is a Buddish Country

Christian Community Development

The Murcm Mission founder & family had prayed to be able to raise the villagers by breeding the piggy and poultry farming. They started with a piggy. The Christian community Development ot Murc mission is a big dispersal combined fund-raising project unity. This project was established in 1999.beginning with one breeding community with sow which with the sales of its offspring, will provide income for the basic daily needs of the family- such as education and clothing-which would otherwise be unavailable to them. Frankly there seventy families have been already benefited in the previous pasturing in Sawbuayishin village. It is benefiting to the Church members.


Our native country is an agricultural country, blessed with a fertile soil and benevolent climate. Especially, the paddy is the chief agricultural crop. There are about 30.46 million acres to grow and plant field in our country. There are 15.15 million acres of paddy field of our country according to the list of 1994-95 year. Most of our country people are cultivators.

The sugar cane is planted for consumption and medicine. The production of sugar cane is only 62 vises per ton in sugar and 52 vises per ton in cane sugar from our country. Some shells of sugar cane are very hard, and also the inner liquid is astringent. Similarly, the apple and orange are like that. So all these bad things are because of undeveloped country.

The country is made up of hills and mountains which are mainly occupied by the tribal groups. Because of erosion slash and burn system is practicing on the hill region and therefore the country is deforested. Unless something is done the country will become barren land in the very near future. We need some technical knowhow to change this system. We love our country so much that if we can make a wish for our next existence We wish to be born a Myanmar again.

The government, from time to time, educated the people to change their slash and burn cultivation into terrace system of cultivation and to change the ancient traditional cultivation into modern cultivation system. As we MURC Mission, we provided the poor farmers with water pump to be watered the plants.

Now the farmers are watering the plats with water pump although they had watered the plants by bringing the water to be watered the plants with their shoulders before.

As MURCM, Currently we are lacking urgently to purchase a tractor for the agricultural. It will be currently price US$ 5,000. Please remember for it in your prayer.

Christian Health Centre

Most of the poor people in rural had been died without suit to die because there is no Health Centre in Rural. As MURCMission , we are running as mobile Clinic. Please pray fo open fastly the Christian Health Centre.

The purpose of the medical ministry is to help meet the physical and spiritual need of people with the practical LOVE of GOD. Most people know that Myanmar was once a broken, hopeless and dying nation, but we are now beginning to see wonderful transformation happening in peoples lives and community .We also believe that there comes a time when missions has to move beyond just showing compassion to suffering and needy people. We are proving the sick people with small medical help.

“May I witness a testimonies about Mobile Clinic Ministry. A widow Mrs.Niang En Cing who had been suffered White Tischarg disease like a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years in the Bible Matt 9:20. By the grace of God , She was healed her Tischarg disease after her treatment. She says the words of thank to God and us. Hallelujah!

Therefore God is doing wonderful great things in our Ministries. As we MURCM, we are doing the Mobile Clinic as Mingalarba Medical Ministry at our new Churches planting area by small local contributions. Please pray for our Mobile clinics so that it may be able to glorify His name and expand His kingdom in Myanmar. “

We are proving the sick people with small medical help. We need your prayer and help for the costs of medicines.

Opportunity at MURCM

Volunteers need volunteers need urgently to teach free of charge the English speaking, writing, listening. We are always interested to hear from people within the Myanmar who are interested in volunteering, or just generally helping us to spread the word about the work we do. Read more

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